Jimmy Stevens

I am available for private piano lessons in the Minneapolis-St.Paul metropolitan area. Prices are negotiable, based as much on effort and devotion as anything else. I have a home studio or can travel to your home or studio.

If I am teaching the student piano performance, an acoustic piano is required for practicing. If the student is strictly interested in learning music theory, then any keyboard type will suffice.

Regarding my formal music education...

I have a Bachelor of Music degree from Northern Illinois University, as well as a Master of Arts degree in music composition and theory from the University of Minnesota. Besides the private piano instruction I received as part of my degree program, I have continued private piano study through much of my adulthood.

Where you can hear me perform...

I perform 4 times a month at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport in the Terminal 1 mall. I also play at the St. Paul Menards Department store a few weekends a month.